March 02, 2024

VIDEO: Brook Lopez has high expectations for Jeremy Lin



On Brooklyn Nets Media Day, Anthony Bennett shared his outlook for the season

At Brooklyn Nets Media Day today, Brooklyn Nets forward Anthony Bennett says he is "in a good vibe all around."

Bennett says everyone gets along very well, as he talked about Brooklyn Nets team culture and winning expectations.

Last week, Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks and head coach Kenny Atkinson met with the media and stated that they were not going to judge this season on wins and losses.

Upon hearing Marks’ and Atkinson’s public position about the Nets’ upcoming season, Bennett responded, "obviously as a player, I want to win, not trying to have a losing record, just take it day by day."


Brooklyn Nets: New Management, New Players (and some old), New Attitude

The words that resonated loud and clear at Brooklyn Nets media day were culture, team, teammates, accountability, diet, same goals

It is clear that there is a different culture with this new Brooklyn Nets team. It doesn’t appear to be business as usual. Although the players say there is no pressure to win, each player to a man speaks about accountability.

In years past, everyone was available on media day. However, the Nets management did something a little different this year. They made the focus on the players by holding a separate management and coach press conference the week before. This speaks volumes. It seems as though, they want to get out of the way of the players when the focus should be on them.

One other thing to note is that with the arrival of Jeremy Lin, the diversity of media covering the Brooklyn Nets has changed with the arrival of members of the Asian press. I think this is wonderful and at the same time, a great marketing opportunity for the Brooklyn Nets. If only more teams across the NBA and other sports leagues would put diversity and inclusion into practice.

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