March 28, 2023

Kenny Atkinson Unfiltered: Nets Head Coach After Preseason Nets vs. Celtics

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Brooklyn Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson gives his assessment about the Brooklyn Nets preseason game against the Boston Celtics held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn

Kenny Atkinson on the last few possessions of the game:

“Yeah, we could have managed it a little better – I think communication and getting on the same page on what we’re gonna do. It’s going to be a great thing for us to look at film and what we’re gonna do in certain situations. So, you know, getting on the same page, coaches and players. We obviously could have gotten better shots at the end of the game, and then we lapsed in defensive transition, I thought, once or twice at there at the end too, which I thought was a little disappointing.”

Kenny Atkinson on his takeaway from the game:

“First of all, defensively, I was really happy. Just our energy, our activity and just the way the guys competed. It’s just a big improvement, and that’s what we’re looking for now is improvement from the last, especially the last two games. But I will bring up, I don’t know, that third quarter I think they got us again. So I think we have to figure out that third quarter. Coming out I think they had 30 points or something in the third quarter. So again, stringing those defensive possessions for 48 minutes, it’s a good challenge for us.”

Kenny Atkinson on if his player rotation in this game is reflective of what can be expected in the regular season:

“Yeah; well, I’m not sure. But we definitely did want to see our guys together for longer periods of time obviously. And then I’m glad we did it. And next game, you might see something different. But we thought tonight, especially after our couple of performances that were a little subpar, I think we all felt that, you know, let’s see our group together. And it could be somebody else in that group too, we’re still evaluating, but it was good. We did it make it a little bit of a push there seeing our guy – the kind of guys we’re thinking about getting regular season minutes – in there together.”

Kenny Atkinson on Not Playing Isaiah Whitehead

"We kinda had it planned out; it was like a plan. He’ll get his shot again and other guys will rest. Just part of the plan; wasn’t any reaction to having a so-so game, that’s not how we are. We got a plan in place and we’re sticking to it."

Kenny Atkinson on Brook Lopez Getting More Minutes; Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin Pick-and-Rolls

"I really want to establish our motion offense, to come down and run a pick-and-roll every time…obviously, we’re going to need that, we’ll need it in important times. I think right now we’re trying to get the ball moving, trying to get the ball side-to-side, getting everybody with touches. Brook and Jeremy, they’re both going to have to learn how to work within that dynamic; when it’s crunch time, we can think about drawing up special plays for them and getting into a pick and roll with those two, but we still have to progress with our offense, so that’s where we are, so we’re not going to rely on that…”

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